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How to add a half fraction in match reports and results

Instead of writing ½ instead of 0.5 in decimal in match reports, or results you can create fractions which do look good on match reports. You can enter ½ by using the html code ½

How to login to web-site

You can login to edit pages, add news etc Login URL will be your web-site name then type /login or /wp-admin at the end. so for example if your web site was hosted at www.golfclub.co.uk use https://www.golfclub.co.uk/login or https://www.golfclub.co.uk/wp-admin

How to create new news article or blog post

How to create News article There are several ways to create News. Log in to your WordPress dashboard From the Dashboard, click Create New News Article or From the Dashboard Menu, Select News, Click and select Add New Then select Edit with Elementor Elementor is the name of the tool makes it simple to write html pages, without writing code. It works on the basis of dragging and selecting "widgets" to drag on the page, to build the page usually in different sections (paragra...

How to Remove Backgrounds from Images, Logos and Photos

Introduction: You can make the background of images transparent using several tools and methods. We have found remove.bg (https://www.remove.bg/.) to be extremely good and its free. Remove.bg is a powerful online tool that allows users to remove backgrounds from images quickly and effortlessly, using advanced AI technology. This guide will walk you through the process of using Remove.bg to remove the background from an image file. For profile pictures and logo's, it is best to start from a...

How to view Web Site Analytics to see who has visited your site

Go to Dashboard Google Analytics (a.k.a Site Kit) You can see some basic information on the visitors, channels, search traffic (what people typed into google search to find your site or content) and the top content over last 28 days. TO VIEW DETAILS & VIEW ALL DATA IN GOOGLE ANALYTICS CLICK Source: Analytics at bottom right of screen to show all detailed data in Google Analytics where you can split by date ranges, device type and far more complex analytics.

Updating your fixtures & events diary

Editing the Fixtures Diary What data goes where and what it means This diary is different from the Golf Genius competitions list. This is all diary events, all competitions (Golf Genius ones & non Golf Genius events), it can be social events, meetings and anything else your community need to be aware of in the calendar. Creating a new Fixture To add a new Event. From the Admin Dashboard. Click Fixtures Calendar. Add New - or Edit existing How to Update Single Even...

Uploading a PDF to Your Webpage

It is easy to upload PDF files to your website and customize their appearance with icons, ensuring a professional and user-friendly experience. This guide will walk you through the steps to upload a PDF file to a section on your webpage using Elementor and change its download link icon to the Adobe PDF icon. Step 1: Access Web Page - Elementor Editor - Log in to your WordPress dashboard. - Navigate to the page where you want to add the PDF. - Click on "Edit with Elementor" to lau...