How to create new news article or blog post

How to create News article


There are several ways to create News.


Log in to your WordPress dashboard

From the Dashboard, click Create New News Article or

From the Dashboard Menu,

Select News, Click and select Add New



Then select Edit with Elementor 

Elementor is the name of the tool makes it simple to write html pages, without writing code. It works on the basis of dragging and selecting "widgets" to drag on the page, to build the page usually in different sections (paragraphs).

The elementor page template will load with a new blank article.

An empty draft page will look something like this


Add News Article Title

First thing will be to set a news title

Click Settings - which is bottom left of the screen.



Remember to set comments NO

Leaving comments enabled, typically fill up with spam comments, so better to disable comments on your news articles.




Change the article Title

type in the heading for the article


Before the article is published, we will leave the status in Draft. Once you have tested the images, wording and happy with the page, then it can be changed to published. You can change a document from published back to draft and it will be removed from view on the site. 

Only published pages appear on the public site.


Change the article Excerpt

Excerpt : set this.

This is brief summary description to entice the reader to Read More of the article. This summary except appears on the home page and on the news page.


Set the Featured Image

main image for the article which will show on the home page or teams page.

Select a nice image 1600x900 or 1200x800 jpg file.


For Windows, Paint 3d comes free with windows and is simple to re-size, crop and set images to correct sizes. Adobe Express is also v good for re-sizing images

Sometimes you might need to Crop the image from a larger size, or crop only part of the original image.

Best to save the new edited file as original-name-1600-900 with the dimensions included in the file name.

Upload media to the page by adding media from within the page or Upload section.




Creating News Content

Drag a section onto the page:


Common Widgets to Use in Articles

Once you have decided on Page Title, Excerpt and Featured Image, you can add text, images, links, tables and widgets to your article.

Add a Heading 

Heading Style - these have been configured automatically to match the reset of the site.

H1 - A Page Title size, H2 - Sub-Title and H3 to H6 are smaller heading sizes you can use for sub-sections and paragraphs.

Add Text

Text Editor

Use this for the main text & put in a paragraph of news content.

You can use bold, italic, paragraph or heading styles and even insert html links


N.B. Very Important - Spacer

Paragraphs and pages typically don't have enough space between them. Spacer is extremely handy and essential just to spread out your page to make it more readable, digestible and for better viewing on devices.

Best to use this, it is essential between sections.

Typically set it to 30px so that heading and text or images get a little space and everything is not to bunched up.



Visibility -

you can change from Public (everyone sees it)

Private (password protected - not recommended as sharing passwords isnt exactly secure)



Publish - can change date to past or future


Template - Leave at Default

URL - you can change it to a custom text eg 2023-new-trophy


Author : You can change author to assign to someone else but should be Peter Johns



Junior will appear on home page, news AND Junior page

Mens  will appear on home page, news AND Mens page

Seniors  will appear on home page, news AND Seniors page

News will appear on home page and News Page.