Understanding Member Management

Member Management

You can view full details of each individual member synchronised from you member management system (Club v1, Intelligent Golf, VMS)


Filtering Members

You can filter all members, by fully paid, unpaid, those with payment schedule, those with special payment arrangement and those with billing exclusion.


Search Members

There is predictive search to find members by name, to search members begin typing a member name in the search box.


Member Details

Clicking a member name will show full details and show full name, email, membership ID, phone, CDH ID and locker number.

Any notes on member billing exclusion or arrangement is also shown.


Member Payment History

On each member page, you can view their payment history including payment ID, payment date, amount paid, method of payment and where the payment data was sourced from (Stripe (card, direct debit) or bank statement ( electronic funds transfer (bank transfer, faster payment, standing order))

You can also include / exclude cancelled and failed payments by selecting the button for cancelled payments or button for failed payments.


Member Payment Schedule

Selecting the Schedule tab will show the upcoming future payments, date of future payments and projected balance per date.

If a member balance is forecast not to be settled by the end of the financial period for that membership year, payments will be re-adjusted and increase/decrease automatically to clear the balance by end of the membership year, so that members balances are completely paid off in the appropriate period.



This tab shows the billing email, date/time sent and subject of email that have been sent to the member and whether the email has been read / opened.



This is a log of all activities for the member. Shows payment links and the content of the bill/invoice that was sent to the member