How to exclude someone from billing

Typically when someone needs to suspend their membership for illness, injury or other companionate circumstances that excludes the member from paying membership for a short period.

We can add the person into Billing Exclusions 

To exclude someone from monthly or annual billing, this person will not be sent a bill or will not have any payments processed if that billing date falls when a billing exclusion date is still active.


Click Add Exclusion Button


From the dialog box, select the member you wish to add an exclusion for.

This will exclude the member from receiving reminders or bills for payment.


Add some notes on why the member is to be excluded.


Add a date when the billing exclusion expires, that will automatically release them from being excluded and then on the day later, they will be available for billing and then receive bills, demands for payment and reminders.


Exclusion expires, automatically after this date they will be eligible for receiving bills and payments. So in future you dont need to remember to add them to billing.